Which issues are ethical and which are more professionalism on the job?

Answer the questions below using the handbook as a guideline. 1/3/14 Larry begins his co-op employment with TWL Enterprises. After completing a thorough orientation, he is given 4 projects to work on. 1/16/14 Supervisor reported finding Larry asleep in his office. Another employee had found him sleeping earlier in the day. The supervisor confronted Larry on this issue and reported it to the area supervisor. The area supervisor had received reports from several employees that Larry had been sleeping during work hours. This was again discussed with Larry along with concerns that he might be ill or something. Larry denies having any trouble staying awake while at work or that there is anything wrong with him 1/23/14 Larry does not show up for work. At 9:30am the secretary calls his apartment Larry says he is sick. The secretary reminds him of the procedure for calling in if unable to work and refers Larry to the company doctor. 1/26/14 Larry is seen playing video games on the computer. His work was due but not completed. The supervisor and Larry discuss not playing video games while at work and the importance of turning in work on time. 1/30/14 Larry sees company doctor, who does some blood work. Larry falls asleep during production meeting. Everyone at the meeting observes this. 2/3/14 Larry’s projects are still not completed. The area supervisor sees him leave the plant two hours early and pulls Larry’s time records. The records indicate that Larry rarely spends 8 hours a day in the plant, although each time sheet he manually completed and indicated that he did. Many days he took more than an hour for lunch. He was allowed 30 minutes. 2/4/14 Larry comes to work at 9:30am. Larry is fired and his co-op advisor notified. Questions: Which issues are ethical and which are more professionalism on the job?



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