Depictions of London Describe how the city of London and/or life in London is portrayed in the series.


You are required to view, beforehand, Sherlock. Season One for class on January 24. Your essay (worth 10% of your final grade) on the show is due on January 29. (See the syllabus for late paper/extensions policy.) In class on January 24 you will be expected to discuss this TV series season (all three episodes) and analyze it, reflecting on the original Sherlock story you’ve read. For January 29 you will also write a 2 – 3-page essay, addressing the following topics and providing examples to support your responses. Be sure to include episode numbers and times (e.g., 3, 46:07) for your examples. (You should not use the exact examples I have provided.) You should also give a more expanded explanation of your examples than the brief ones I have provided below. Finally, you should reference at least six examples total and at least one example from each of the three episodes.

Include in your essay these three sections:

1. Depictions of London Describe how the city of London and/or life in London is portrayed in the series. How do these portrayals support or conflict your existing knowledge or impressions of London (and/or England in general)?

2. Role of geography in telling the stories What are some geographic elements in these stories? What role does geography play in telling the stories (for example, in creating a mood, advancing the plot, introducing an element of surprise, etc.)? How does the geography of London make solving the mysteries easier or more difficult for Sherlock and Watson? Example: In a press conference about what appear to be “serial suicides,” Detective Inspector Lestrade comments that all of the dead individuals were “found in places they have no reason to be” (1, 5:37). This piece of geographic information both adds an element of mystery and provides a clue.

3. Adaptation of literature to visual media The series is not a direct dramatization of the original stories by Doyle but, instead, is based on them. What elements of the original story we read (and others if you’re familiar with them) are also present in the show? In what ways do the two different media—the written word versus a TV show—enrich or detract from the story? (Remember, there can be both positives and negatives to both!) Example: In the scene that shows Sherlock and Watson meeting for the first time at the 221b Baker St. apartment, we see a café next door called “Speedy’s” (1, 12:57). This enriches the story because fans wanting to explore Sherlock sites in real life can investigate online whether Speedy’s actually exists beside 221b Baker St. and, if so, use it as a landmark to quickly locate Sherlock and Watson’s famous apartment address.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS All written work must: Be submitted type-written in 12-pt. Times Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Have numbered pages and with your name as the “header” on each page. Be stapled!!!!!! Include a full and accurate reference list – failure to do so is grounds for a grade adjustment. Please use APA style for all referencing. View as PageDownloadToggle Fullscreen Send to BinderDownloadPrevious Next and please reference the netfilx series and other references the profesor needs ! MAKE SURE THERE IS ZERO PLAGRISM TEACHER DOES CHECK !!



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